Plein Air Painting Basic Supply Check List

By Kathy Halbert

The list looks daunting but it can be streamlined. I suggest editing this for your own use.

______ Paints or Pastels

______ Brushes

______ Palette

______ Painting surface (panels, taped paper or blocks)

______ Water or “turp” (Gamsol) (with cup or palette cup)

______ Paper towels

______ Apron

______ (watercolor) Sponge

______ (oil, acrylic or pastel) Sturdy Easel with legs or pochade box with tripod

______ (watercolor) lap or portable table (or one of the oil painting easels)

______ Carrying bag or backpack or rolling cart with large wheels

______ Sun Screen

______ Bug Spray

______ Outdoor umbrella (make sure it works with your easel/setup)

______ Small garbage bag (to be removed at end of painting session)

______ Camera (small) or view finder or use cell phone for photographs

______ Hat with wide brim

______ Umbrella

______ Dull non-reflective clothing

______ (Acrylics) paint extender (eg, Liquitex Slow-Dri Blending Medium, GOLDEN Retarder) OR Golden Open Acrylics (newish product)


______ side table could be helpful or top of box or previous rolling cart

______ Value scale

______ Sketch pad and pencil

______ Small level (sometimes included in a tripod)

______ Duct tape

______ Bungee cords

______ First aid kit

______ Cell phone

______ Palette knives for oil painters

______ Gloves for oil painters

______ wipes

______ (Pastels) Towel for wiping or collecting dust on laps

______ (Oil) I like to use baby oil to wipe off paint.

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