In February, 2015 the FAPC welcomed an artist of the highest caliber and a very special new member, Laurence “Lonny” Sisson. Although Lonny and his wife Judy own a home in Quail Creek, they reside in Albuquerque most of the time. During Lonny’s spur of the moment watercolor demo in our studio, Judy Sisson was very open with club members regarding the status of Lonny’s health. For those of you who are not aware, Lonny Sisson has advanced cancer. By his own choice, he receives no treatment and the remaining time he has will be spent painting each day, as he has done for most of his eighty-seven years.

Lonny’s fragile health means we do not know when he will be able to return to Quail Creek. In the meantime, club vice-president Steve Piepmeier and I have begun corresponding with Lonny and Judy via e-mail and snail mail. They have graciously granted us permission to create this web page and write about Lonny and his work.

What does a note look like from Lonny? A work of art, naturally.

In this note Lonny thanked my husband Jim and I for a warm welcome to the arts club and the write-up that was sent to all members. That write-up is the first post on this web page. It was also published in the March edition of the community newspaper, The Quail Creek Crossing.

In his note, Lonny encouraged us to “keep painting with enthusiasm and daring to fail.” These are words I take to heart and is excellent advice for all artists.

Even more poignant, Judy sent a note and photo of Lonny from September of 2014 along with the story behind this work of art.

The story behind the work.
The story behind the work.

Each time I read these words it is impossible not to get teary-eyed. It speaks volumes about Lonny as the wonderful, unique individual that he is. There is good reason why Steve Piepmeier refers to Lonny as a “living treasure.” The FAPC’s most famous member has much to teach us all, not only about art but about life.

Thank-you very much, Lonny and Judy Sisson for sharing this with us.



A Letter from Lonny Sisson