Monday 07/05/2021 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

CATC Art Studio


Have you ever played around with charcoal?  Did you try a few times but just didn’t get the knack of how to do things the right way?  Maybe you have never picked up a piece of charcoal but you are still curious?  Well…do we have a few classes for you!  Unless you are brand new to FAPC, you know our instructor, our former president, Judy McCormick. She is going to conduct 3 (three) two-hour workshops  on how to use charcoal.  Charcoal has been a traditional medium of drawing for centuries and is a favorite because it produces bold and rich tones with high contrast.  It can be erased and blended easily.  You will predominantly use charcoal pencils and blend with a paint brush.  These 3 sessions will focus on the techniques of using charcoal so it can be fun for the beginner as well as the experienced artist.

Week One:  Introduction to materials and techniques for drawing with charcoal.  Using charcoal draw a picture of flowers or plants.

Week Two:  Drawing animals with charcoal will be this week’s focus.

Week Three:  Drawing portraits or YOUR choice of a subject.

Level:  Beginner/Intermediate

Price:  $10 for a 2 hr. class

Time:  Monday, July 5, 12, 19 from 2:00 to 4:00 p.m.

Safety Guidelines


  1.  MASKS are OPTIONAL for FULLY VACCINATED students; and
  2. NOT VACCINATED students should wear a mask and 6′ distancing.


    1.  Charcoal Pencils:  soft, medium and hard or sometimes called H, 2B and 4B
    2.   One white charcoal pencil (I prefer General brand)
    3.   A drawing pencil and Kneadable eraser and a white eraser (There are several charcoal drawings sets that will also work.)
    4.   Several paint brushes (old ones work fine)  Synthetic…not Bristle.  Something around a Size 6 flat and a round. (We can provide     brushes if you do not have any.)


  1.   A mixed media sketchbook with paper at least 98 lb.  However, if you are also doing the water soluble pencils, you might consider Strathmore series 400 mixed media paper, 140-184 lb.  This comes in several colors, pick your favorite but NOT BLACK.
  2.   Paper towels and kleenex
  3.   A covering for the table
  4.   Optional additions:  Compressed charcoal sticks and blending stumps

Contact Judy at 928-830-5234 or email at: if you have questions or for further information.


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Adventures with Charcoal July 5, 12, 19