10/05/2020 - 11/30/2020
Mondays 1:15 pm - 3:45 pm
CATC Art Studio

DRAWING STUDIO – a Mixed Media Experience for all Levels

Instructor: Lila Stoffel


This class offers a guided drawing experience for anyone interested in a class that will introduce you to new techniques, mixed mediums, and skill development that starts with where you are in your drawing journey.  The instructor will provide demonstrations, introduction of a variety of drawing techniques and media through step by step procedures, one on one teaching, constructive critiques of your work, and composition and  personal style development. All skill levels are welcome to participate in this class taught by an instructor with years of experience. You’ll find this a fun, non- threatening class in which you’ll learn to appreciate your own work and gain confidence in your abilities. The guided study is not a sequential series so you can go away for a week and then continue with the class when you return. Simply notify the instructor when you’ll be away.

Meeting time is Monday from 1:15 pm to 3:45 pm starting Sept. 14 through Nov. 30. The class does not meet in December. It begins again January 4 and continues through April 26.

Topics studies include: 

  • Linear perspective in landscape
  • Optical perspective
  • Botanical Illustration, decorative floral and garden edibles
  • Drawing rocks, trees, water features
  • Portraiture from your photos
  • Still Life of your choice
  • Drawing pets
  • Drawing wild animals in nature
  • Drawing birds in nature
  • Drawing the human figure
  • Architectural studies


Each topic will become the theme of study for a two to three week period of time. A formal class critique will provide the opportunity for students to discuss their work and the work of others.

Mixed Mediums, both wet and dry, will be taught and include:  graphite pencils, colored pencils, colored ink, conte crayon, watercolor pencils, marking pens,  and other mediums that you would like to use.

Basic Supplies: graphite pencils (2H, 2B 4B, minimum), kneaded eraser, white plastic eraser, smooth drawing paper (Strathmore Bristol or other 90+ lb. smooth paper), tracing paper, ruler, blending stump or tortillion, plastic table cover, reference photo’s,  a drawing board is optional and adds to your comfort (1/2”foam core or masonite work well). Paper towels and water containers and brushes are necessary if you wish to work with wet media.

****For the first class bring a landscape reference photo and your drawing supplies.****

To Register: Registration opens September 1, 2020. Class is limited to six (6) students under COVID restrictions.

Fee: Monthly Fee at the beginning of the month for an average 4 classes a month at $20.00 per class for members.

4 week class = $80.00 or 3 week class = $60.00.

If you have any questions please contact Lila Hauge-Stoffel  – email or call 218-731-7694.

Drawing Studio – a Mixed Media Experience for all Levels