• Automatic calendar updates when events (classes/workshops) are approved
  • Ability to subscribe to the calendar (i.e. show club events on personal calendars)
  • Teachers submit class proposals online
  • Approved class proposals automatically create event page and calendar entry
  • Teachers can choose to have online event registration or not
  • Online event registration allows students to sign up online, pending approval by teacher
  • Systems sends confirmation emails for registrations, monitor signups, etc.
  • Online monitor coordination through signup sheets with automatic email reminders.

Student/Member Instructions

coming soon

Monitor Coordinator Instructions

The monitor coordinator(s) will have administrative privileges to create and edit monitor sign-up sheets. I currently have 3 different signup sheets created, so all that needs to be changed are the dates. They are: Wednesday mornings, Thursday mornings, Friday afternoons. For demo purposes, I’ve set dates through June. You can decide how far in the future you want to activate the signup spots. In addition to setting dates, each sign-up sheet can have the following settings:

  • Automatic reminder emails for volunteers – set to # of days prior to event. Currently set to 3 days before.
  • Optional 2nd reminder. I currently have to turned off – don’t want to nag.
  • Allow volunteer to ‘clear’ or cancel their signup. Or not.
  • If volunteers are allowed to cancel their signup, how many days in advance. Currently set to 5.
  • Signup sheet visible to public or not.
  • Allow volunteers to sign up for more than one time slot

Signup sheets can be used for more than monitor coordination. We could create them for potluck signups, in which case quantities and multiple people signing up for the same task are possible. We could also use them for informal club events like ‘Going to Desert Meadows to Sketch’ – just a way for people to sign up for events that aren’t official classes.

Monitor Instructions

Monitors must be logged in to sign up for a time slot. The sign up sheets are found by clicking Monitors from the menu.

Teacher Instructions

Creating a Class Proposal

  • Go to Class Proposal Form – be sure you’re logged in first.
  • Fill in the form:
    • Recurring Events – check this box if your class is multiple weeks
    • Enter the proposed dates for your class
    • Enable registrations – Always check this. It’s where you can set the # of students and price.
    • Be sure to include your contact info in the class description.
    • Set number of seats in the class

Managing Class Enrollments

Go to Manage Reservations – if you are the admin (teacher) of a class, you can admit students here. You’ll have to be logged in to see this page.

When a student requests a seat in a class, the following emails are sent:

  • Teacher gets ‘booking requested’ notice
  • Student gets ‘booking pending’
  • Once enrolled, student gets ‘booking confirmed’
  • Once class is full, teacher should ‘reject’ extra students. They will get a nice email that class is full but that if space opens up they will be contacted.
  • If space does open up, teacher should contact student(s) directly to see if they are still interested. If so, change their booking status to ‘approve’.
  • If student cancels, teacher gets a notice, and can then approve someone from the wait list – which will generate a ‘confirmed’ email to the student
  • If instructor wants to close registration early because the class is full, email webmanager@qcfapc.com.

Education Coordinator Instructions

In addition to being able to do anything teachers can do, above, you can approve and edit class proposals. You can get as fancy as you want with formatting, but the basic class proposal, once approved, will generate a calendar entry and a page for the event.

One important thing to remember is that most classes are recurring events and should be edited as such so that your changes show up for all the class sessions.

Your main page will be Edit Events