The QCFAPC website has some exciting new features! We’ll be introducing them gradually, but the first steps are to register for an account, and then try out our online class registration system.

Step 1: Register for your account if you’ve already done this, skip to Step 2

  • Go to (from here, just click Home on the menu bar)
  • Just below the login area, you will see the word Register. Click it!
  • Fill in the form. Use your tab key to move easily from one area to the next.
  • You have to enter your password and email twice, to reduce errors.
  • We are asking for your phone number and email with your registration, because these will be sent to instructors when you sign up for a class. We are also using the online registration system to keep our membership directory.
  • When done, click the Register button at the bottom of the form.

You will get TWO emails – the first will arrive quickly, and asks you to click a link to verify your email. 

Then WAIT. I will verify that you are a member of the club before activating your membership. This is so that only club members will be able to enroll in classes and participate in the community features of the site (more on that in upcoming days).This second email is the one that notifies you that your account is active and that you can log in. I’ll try to activate within 24 hours of receiving your request, but please be patient.

Step 2: AFTER you receive your ‘it’s okay to login now’ email

  • Go back to Home page.
  • Login  (The login area can be found at right on MOST pages, but is also on the lower right of ALL pages.). If you click “Remember Me” you won’t have to re-log in every time.
  • On the menu bar, move your mouse over the “Activities” menu item and from the dropdown list, choose “Activities List”
  • Take a look at all the classes that are coming up! Clicking on a title takes you to detailed description of the class. Use your browser’s back arrow or “Activities List” menu item (under Activities) to return at any time. There is also a full calendar under the Activities menu if you prefer that kind of display. There are small left/right arrows at the top left of the calendar to move through the months.
  • Find the mid-August class called “Sample Class for Trying Out Online Registration
  • Click on that class, read the description, and register for it. The instructions are on the class page.
  • Voila! You have just successfully requested enrollment in a club class.
  • Look at one of August’s Open Studio or Quick Draw descriptions. For these, you just signup right there with no waiting. These events show in the Activities List and also on the right side of the Activities page under “Current Signup Opportunities”. You can use this feature to quickly check to see if there are still spaces available. Reserve your spot!
  • Use the menu bar to look around at the calendar and instructor pages. You can’t break anything, so just poke around. Click on instructor photos to get to their bio pages. You can use the back arrow button or the menu bar to get back to your previous page.
New Site, New Features