A resident of Quail creek for 6 years, Debbie was one of the founders of the art club and the first president of the QCFAPC, and for several years, she taught oil painting and pastel painting here at Quail Creek.

Her professional website is deborourke.com

Debbie studied nuclear physics and metalurgical engineering and worked in the corporate world for many years.  The rigor and discipline in Debbie’s science and engineering background gave her the mindset of an inventor that has served her well as an artist. She enjoys conducting experiments, solving problems, and utilizing creative thinking in her approach. The focus of her artistic experimentation often involves color mixing, testing new techniques, and combining multiple photo images. A deep understanding of artist’s materials and their properties help ‘Debbie the scientist” pursue her career as an artist.

 She paints in many different mediums and her style ranges from Southwestern paintings to landscapes, still life, and abstracts, along with botanical art, using oils, pastels, watercolor, acrylic, porcelain painting, texturing products, and lots more. She studied with many accomplished teachers.  She has been a teacher for over 20 years.  She loves teaching because she can help others learn the art that she loves so much.  She has received many compliments on her teaching style.