Judy in her home studio

Judy Ross is an award winning professional artist with paintings in private and corporate collections from England, Australia, Canada and the US. Judy studied at the Emily Carr College of Art Outreach. While there, she studied under many professional accomplished artists. Those who were most influential were Zolton Szabo and Barbara Nechis. She is noted by her peers as a “Colorist” and an Award winning Miniature watercolor artist. A highlight of her career was traveling by ferry and floatplane to teach a week long workshop to a remote Haida Indian Village in the Queen Charlottes.

“If you have the desire to paint, you can!”

Spring Flowers

Judy is originally from Canada. At the age of 6 years, her parents placed her in painting classes as a way to control her love of doodling. After moving to the US, Judy continued her preoccupation with color, design and painting in negative space for positives to appear. She works in all media but chooses watercolor as her favorite medium in order to obtain the soft, fresh, yet vibrant illuminous colors that watercolor has to offer. In 45 years of teaching, Judy has taught everything from paper making to fine arts. She believes that “painting comes from within… a gift given to all of us. If you have the desire to paint, you can!”

In addition to painting, Judy has spent the past 35 years as a Cruise Consultant. She has traveled the world with paints in tow, even teaching on board. One of her most memorable comments someone made was “Painting is better than a Psychologist!” And after several unexpected losses in her life…this has definitely been proven to be true for her. With a deep passion and love for painting, Judy loves sharing it with students, friends and family.

Contact Judy at: judysjourneys.jr@gmail.com