Robin has been painting since 1989 and is accomplished in the use of oils and acrylics. He began painting as a student in the alla prima (wet into wet) method primarily taking classes from Alexander Art Certified Instructors.

After entering and placing in several contests, he realized he had a natural gift and in 1991 began teaching beginner and intermediate level students, mostly to help offset the cost of supplies. Taking several college level art courses, attending art shows, and reading and viewing as much as he can about art spurred him to continue honing his skill as an artist. He attended advanced multi-day workshops and practiced as much as he could.

Robin continued teaching private, individual, and semi-private group lessons at all levels as well as teaching classes in Michael’s Craft stores. Although he took a break from teaching from 2000-2020 his passion for teaching has never waned.

Robin loves to capture the effects of light on a subject. Among others, some of his favorite artists are Edgar Degas (Ballerina Paintings), Thomas Moran (Grand Canyon series), Albert Bierstadt (American West), Terry Issac, Dale Gerhman and Andrew Tischler.