By Kathy Halbert

I am going to list a few websites on plein air painting that you might find interesting and helpful with many tips.




Oil Paint:


  • Demonstration by Larry sellers on painting (en plein air) a large acrylic “oil painting” style (4 pages- get to subsequent page by clicking next page at the bottom) Spoiler alert: you will need Liquitex “Matte Opaque Extender Gel Medium” (formerly called Gelex)

A small selection of contemporary Artists I admire (bias toward oil):

  • Doug Higgins (a neighbor and master artist; I have painted outdoors with him many times)
  • Albert Handell (a Santa Fe master artist, one of my inspirations for moving to the southwest)
  • Matt Smith (still interested in attending a workshop or class; well regarded by many master artitsts)
  • Kevin Macpherson (haven’t yet taken a class but have studied and followed every demo in each of his books)
  • Alvaro Castagnet

Art Supplies:

QC Plein Air Painting 101: Website Links and Blogs