Getting too many emails from the website? The emails can be a little confusing, so here is a little explanation and instructions on how you can set notifications to your liking.

From now on you should only get one mail per day, listing some of the activity on the site. However, the website doesn’t track what you have already seen, unless you tell it. So the daily email may include the same things for multiple days. There is a way to fix that.

When you log in, there is a little bell with a number above it next to your name (in the login area). If you click the bell, a list of unread notifications will appear. Scroll down to the bottom, and you can ‘Mark All Notifications as Read‘ — then the system won’t include the same notices in each email. If you get in the habit of doing this each time you visit the site, your daily emails will be more relevant, as you will only get notified of new posts.

Another thing you can do is go into your profile page (click on your name after you log in, or go to Community/My Profile from the menu bar). Click About, then Notifications and uncheck anything you don’t want to get notified about. You can also change the frequency of how often you receive emails by clicking under “E-mail notification intensity”. Please do not choose more often than twice per day, as this slows down the server. But you can choose once a week or even never, if that’s what you prefer.

The thing that can be confusing is that on-site notifications (the things that show under the little bell mentioned above) are different than email notifications. If you turn off the on-site notifications, that also turns off the emails. But you can turn off emails but keep the on-site notifications – but I recommend turning off both if the notifications bother you. You can always look to see what’s new by just using the menu item Community/Recent Activity.

The emails from the club president don’t come from these notifications, so you won’t miss official business or announcements if you turn off the website stuff. You just won’t get updates about artwork people post. It’s entirely up to you how much website email you receive. 

Keep creating, posting and encouraging each other. It’s been fun to see what people have been up to. And thanks for your patience as any kinks in the system get worked out.

Website Update 11/7/2020