I have been interested in art as long as I can remember.  When I was in my 20’s I ordered a Washington School of Art home school program.  Through this medium I practiced and was graded on my work.  When I became pregnant, I took up oil painting.  Little did I know the dangers of oil painting while pregnant.  Off and on, whenever there was an interesting adult education class in acrylics, watercolor or drawing, I signed up.  I have a collection of work that I have done through the classes I have taken throughout the years.  I found that I enjoyed the drawing classes the most and since discovering Lila Hauge-Stoffel’s drawing classes at Quail Creek, I have signed up for almost every class she has taught. 

Three years ago Paul Hopman demonstrated Scratchboard at our FAPC meeting and I fell in love with the medium.  The black and white pictures were more like the graphite pictures that I enjoyed but scratchboard was being done on a black board with an X-Acto knife.  It was fun and rewarding.  More and more people asked me how I made the pictures.  This lead to my teaching Scratchboard classes at the Art Studio in Quail Creek.  People are still asking me to show them how Scratchboard is done and when is the next class.

Scratchboard Classes

The first scratchboard classes will be an introduction to the scratchboard medium, the boards, subject patterns, tools, types of strokes the tools make on the boards and where to find scratchboard equipment.

Follow up classes will be working with instructions and demonstrations of ways to advance a scratchboard picture, such as: 

  • What makes a good subject and composition for working in scratchboard techniques?
  • How can you make a picture come alive by using shading and common drawing techniques?
  • How is color applied on the picture by using different mediums? 

Follow up classes answer student’s questions and help them while they work on their own projects. Since students seem to work at their own pace on a given subject, these classes are made up for individual attention to whatever subject the student is needing help with.

Exhibits, Memberships, and Workshops

  • International Society of Scratchboard Artists
  • Workshops from Cathy Sheeter,  a Master Scratchboard Artist from Colorado
  • Upcoming scratchboard and clayboard classes in November at the ASDM Art Institute
  • Arizona Sonoran Desert Museum Art Institute Student Show