Terry is a new Quail Creek resident as of 2021. She grew up on a Kansas farm, in a family of amateur painters, so it was “just something women did”, like cooking and gardening. She ignored this for years, working in the tech sector in the Seattle area. In 2005, a breast cancer diagnosis sent her seeking more joy and she joined a weekly painting group, where her love of painting and creating in community with others was born. .

Since that time, Terry has taken many online and in person workshops, including on location in Canada, Mexico, Molokai Hawaii and Italy. In the Seattle area, she was represented by several galleries, was in many shows, and had a large studio in the Georgetown area.

Terry has experimented with many different media, and prefers mixed media, often on a large scale (4×5 foot). Her favorite subjects are pure abstract, abstract flowers and abstract landscape. For her, realism isn’t fun, so she doesn’t do it.

Before retirement, Terry’s career was technology consulting, including teaching tech courses to government agencies and corporations throughout the country as well as the college level. She brings skills developed during years of teaching and coaching into her art classes.

Terry’s website is terrysmithpainter.com