The Fine Arts Studio is shared by three clubs. This schedule is for the room only, not the club’s activities. During Unscheduled Time there may be members from the other two clubs present. A monitor for each club is required anytime members are present. Only the times marked in green above are designated for exclusive use by the painting club.

For details on class schedules please see the “Catalog” page.

If you are here for the summer and would like to be a monitor so we can have the studio open more hours, please let us know.  Our paint club hours are listed on the door and we will let you know in more detail which hours we will be open.

We will have open studio:

  • Monday             1 – 9
  • Wednesday       9 – 1
  • Thursday           9 – 1
  • Friday                9 – 9

On Friday morning, bring your coffee and your latest projects for show and tell and just hang out with other artists!