With the community features of the website, you can:

  • Upload your artwork for others to see (and ask for feedback if desired)
  • Give constructive feedback and encouragement to others
  • Join and participate in special interest groups (small number of groups now, but this can grow based on your input)
  • Sign up for a space in Open Studios and Quick Draws (first come first served)
  • Register for a class (teachers confirm enrollment)

There is more to come…. but we are introducing features gradually. There is a group on Facebook where you can post images, but many in the club do not have Facebook accounts, so this allows all club members to participate – without ads or data collection.

A video demonstration on how to upload photos is available. A second, longer video explains navigating between community-wide pages and your individual profile page.

Uploading Profile Image and Cover Image – if you’ve already done this, skip to next section

  • YouTube demo video on how to do this is here
  • Quick summary of video: Go to your profile page (after you log in, click your name when it appears in the same area), click the square “blank shadow image” to the left of your name. Upload. Crop (and Save Thumbnail) if necessary. Click Done.
  • Cover Image update: click the little camera icon in the upper right of the colorful background on your profile page. Upload – similar to above.

Navigating the Community Features

  • YouTube video describing navigation and how to join and post to groups is here
  • Though the video is a little long, just under 15 minutes, I recommend everyone watch it. A picture is worth a thousand words and it covers a lot of information, including how to set your personal preferences and what kinds of notifications you receive.
Instructional Videos for Social/Community Features
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