This is just a quick update on the status of the website. Thank you for being one of the 85 members who have signed up so far. During these times, we’re happy to be able to provide a venue for you to keep in touch with each other.

Many of you are posting your work to the Challenge Group, and it is wonderful to be able to see what creative pursuits you have been up to. As classes start up this month, some teachers are even using private groups to post step-by-step demos and allow their students to post their works-in-progress and get feedback.

Currently, each time someone posts to a group to which you belong, you are receiving an email. This may feel like too many emails for you. Rest assured that a new release of the software is coming out soon (within a month, if all goes as planned) that will allow you to opt for a ‘digest’ mode that will bundle these post notifications into one email which you can get daily or weekly. In the meantime, if these emails bother you:

  • after you log in, click on your name in the login area to go to your profile page
  • under your photo and name, there is “Stream, About, Groups, Photos” — click Groups
  • now you will see all the groups you belong to
  • for each one where you think you are getting too many emails, just click “Follow & Be notifed”. Uncheck the Receive e-mails box. Voila!
  • You will still be able to see new posted work, but you will have to remember to go to the website to check.
  • Please do NOT do this for the “All Members” group. In the future this may be used for important club notices, and we promise not to use it recklessly. Only Board Members can post here. Thanks for the great response. If there is a group you would like to have created, please reply to this email or contact Vicki at Both of those options go to the webmaster. My direct email is

Keep up the good work of creating, posting and encouraging each other.

Judy McCormick
QCFAPC President

P.S. These emails are archived and can be found in reverse-chronological order by clicking Blog on the main menu. You can find links to instructions and “how to” videos in those older messages.

Website Update 09/12/2020